Welcome Travelers and Adventurers.

Pull up a chair and grab some ale or mead and listen closely. Tonight I will tell you a great tale. He takes a long swing and wipes his face A tale that will inspire you to look at how adventure could be around the next corner. The rooms quiets and fire crackles and two minstrels join him on stage and begin to play Lets start at the beginning…more then 500 years ago a great pact was formed between the dwarves and gnomes to share in the bounty of mine. The mines did you just bear the fruit of native earth but extraordinary ores with rare properties. This was not just a simple vein no…but a great river waiting to be dredged. This is when they attracted the attention of some spellcasters. They came to see for themselves this bounty. Dramatic pause has he drinks and the music picks up in pace They joined the dwarves and gnomes and began crafting great and powerful objects which allowed the surrounding area to grow and prosper. This brought a lot of attention to our quaint village as it was the a central hub of commerce. This was a great and prosperous time for all that touched this land, but it could not last. The music hits a high point and breaks into low tones and slows This is when it came…in the night and without warning. The orcs and mercenary wizards wanted the mine and the forge for themselves. The battle was terrible and lasted for many months. After receding into the mines one last battle brought it all to the end. It was to much for the land to handle with one last heave the mine collapsed. Music stops and picks up a slow funeral tone With the mine lost the village shrank and hundreds left for more fertile prospects. Musics picks up the common drinking tune and he stands Which brings us to the unexpected adventure of our story….(To be continued as we play the game)

Lost Mines of Phandelver

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