Lost Mines of Phandelver

Lost Mines of Phandelver 10.2.16
Trail to Phandalin

Taking a job in Neverwinter

Looking for a job and adventure Dyrus Oldore, Tordak Boozehammer, & Marric Osborn took on the task of delivering supplies to a place called Phandalin for 10 gp each. A dwarf named Gundren Rockseeker was clearly excited about the job, but was secretive about the reason for the trip. He was in a hurry to get everything set up and left that evening with a warrior escort, Sildar Hallwinger. You were all told to meet at the wagon the next day and to leave at the appointed time with or without the full party. Gundren told you it would be a party of four. You all meet at the wagon with simple greetings and head out down The High Road south without your fourth companion. You spent the first few days on The High Road getting to know each other simply watching over the wagon.

Dyrus, Tordak and Marric share some basic information without really letting the group know a whole lot about their past. Dyrus is looking for information but does not ask about anything specific so the group does not have much to share. Marric will mention a few things about his hard past but nothing about his thieves guild connections and Tordak is content to drum and drink and share stories of his travel but not his noble birth.

After two days of easy travel you turn off The High Road onto Triboar Trail. It is not as well traveled but enough that the trail is not over grown but it twists and winds with growth coming right up to the trail in a few areas. Travel slows a bit and as you reach a bend in the road where the forest comes almost right up to the trail you see two dark mounds. As you approach you see it looks like horses and they have long arrows with dark black feathers for fletchings.

Marric takes not chances and draws his rapier as he stops the cart to approach the down animals. This stirs Dyrus who was laying in the back of the wagon on the supplies. As he looks to see why they stopped he sees the down horses and notices the arrows. “Oh black feathers” and starts towards the dead horses wanting to get a closer look. Tordak catches up as the cart stops and finishes off a glass of ales he was drinking. Seeing the two dark mounds and Marric’s approach he draws out his two hammers and joins the approach looking around for any thing suspicious. The horses have been dead for what looks like two days and the saddle bags are open and a leather map case is laying next to the road. Tordak’s late arrive allows him to notice the rustling of trees to the south of the trail as two goblins burst forward. Marric and Dyrus having been there a moment before Tordak were to enthralled with the scene to notice the attack and two arrows come dropping out of the sky from the north. The are both nicked by the arrows thanks to Tordak’s warning call. Marric has his rapier ready and with an advancing lunge he plunges it into the goblins chest as he is raising he mace for an attack. The goblin staggers and slides off the rapier to the trail. Dyrus screams in pain and moves back to the cart and takes cover from the arrows from the north and turns and faces the now lone goblin still charging to attack Tordak. He squares himself and braces his right arm with his left and releases three pink bolts surrounded by blue electric crackle energy. They fly erratically surely going to miss, but dances back around Tordak and Marric to collide with the goblin stopping him dead in his tracks. As the energy fades the goblin is left singed on the edge of the trail. Dyrus continues to squeak out curse words and taunts. As the goblin falls Tordak is not prepared for the two more arrows to come from the north. One strikes him solid and takes him down to one knee for a second. As he turns he seems them duck back behind the trees reloading for the next shot. Tordak swings his drum around and beats out a rhythmic tone and as they prepare for their next shot they nod and stagger and fall down asleep onto the forest floor. One goblin is tied up and bound and sat up against a tree. As Dyrus turns he sees Tordak raising his war hammer and brings it down with all his might destroying the other goblins skull. Dyrus come close to see how the implosion happened and watches as Tordak has to strain to remove his hammer from what remain of the goblins skull.

Dyrus knowing goblin starts the interrogation with a warm greats the goblins as he wakes. The goblins freaks out due to being caught and covered in something that looks like brains. The goblin not know how to interact with this gnome he talks in circles and back peddles trying to keep from sharing what he knows. The party finds out that a bugbear named Klarg runs a local group of fewer than 20 goblins in a cave north of the road where they ambush and steal from unaware travelers. They also find out that a trap was specifically set for Gundren. He was captured and sent to Cragmaw Castle where King Grol rules along with his map but not Sildar, he is to be eaten. They find out the location of both the lair and castle and that it was ordered by someone called “The Black Spider.” Marric goes through and collects the map case, 2 maces and 2 bows of low quality and 12 arrows with black fetching.

To be continued…

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