1100 cp
160 sp
50 ep
3 diamonds (100 gp each)
wooden pipe – adorned platinum philigre (150 gp)
Handful magical tomes – one has a map sewn into cover which shows the location of something else. NW of wave echo cave – has sigels on it magical and arcane.

Hammer of light-bringer -head is sunburst glows as bright as a torch on command and extra 1d6 to undead – Lathander god of dawn

Breast plate – dragon worked into design – human sized – Turgon hero – +1 plate – gives advantage saving throws against breath weapons normally against dragons. Called Dragon Guard.


-Small Dagger (life steal 19 or 20 then get back double damage in life)-

iron key head is shaped like an anvil
healing potion
sack that contains
9 small gems (10 gp each)
dwarven ale mug of hammered electrum (worth 100 gp)

Gold necklace with a fine emerald pendant (200 gp)

Studded leather
Potion of healing

5 malachite gems (15 gp each)
3 vials of perfume (10 gp each)

-+1 long sword (talon written on it) bird of prey hilt silver scabard once great aldoth treasdore -

Barely edible rations
leaky waterskin
waterskin with wine
2x Great axes (stone ties to stick)
2x javalins (sharpened stick)

silk pouch with 5 carnillion (10 gp each)
2 peridots (50 gp each)
1 pearl (100 gp)
2 magic items
- scroll of charm person

small letter opener (silver and worth about 10 gp)
Poorly drawn map with x’s on it (indecipherable)

Gundrin’s map

mercury (25 gp)
dragon bile (25 gp)
nightshade (25 gp)

3 platinum signet rings (one was slight of handed each worth 50 gp) Tresdor crest on them

2 garnets (worth 10 GP each)

3 dirty scarlet cloaks (were hanging up on the bunks)
3 scarlet cloaks (one has been cut shorter by Dyrus Oldore)

clean set of ordinary travel clothes.

709 GP
480 EP
1066 SP
2076 CP (60 have bite marks in them)

15 pp

Other Treasure
2 candles
1 lantern with an oil

3 gold teeth (worth 1 gp each)

4 red cloaks (singed)

Isildar’s weapons – short sword
Gundrin’s gear

Donated to Phandolin Guard
4 leather armor
3 clubs
6 short swords
36 arrows black fletching
8 bows of okay quality
2 maces


Lost Mines of Phandelver aebaun